Up to 40% Savings with Flexible Air

On Select 2023-2024 Cruises

Save more with Regent's new Flexible Air offer, giving you up to 40% savings when you choose Premium Economy Air over Business Class Air on select 2023 and 2023 cruises. Offer is available on Veranda to Penthouse suite categories.

Offer ends May 31, 2023.

Note: Flexible Air offer is capacity controlled and applies to new bookings only made between April 1 and May 31, 2023. Cruise-only fare savings of up to 40% on select voyages is available when selecting Premium Economy Air promotion. Availability is limited and restrictions apply - applicable voyages are subject to removal at any time without notice. Contact us for complete details.

Asia PacificShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
15-Nights Roundtrip from Cape Town Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerDec 13, 2023$17,849$26,198
14-Nights from Hong Kong to Tokyo Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerFeb 21, 2024$17,299$26,198
10-Nights from Bangkok to Bali Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerNov 25, 2023$13,999$25,848
15-Nights Roundtrip from Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerDec 28, 2023$19,249$25,848
12-Nights Roundtrip from Tokyo Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerMar 6, 2024$16,349$25,848
14-Nights Roundtrip from Tokyo Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerMar 18, 2024$17,349$25,848
14-Nights from Bali to Bangkok Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorMar 22, 2024$15,599$25,848
20-Nights from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorApr 5, 2024$17,999$25,848
18-Nights from Tokyo to Vancouver Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerApr 13, 2024$16,799$25,848
Mediterranean CruisesShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
10-Nights from Valletta to Venice Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorOct 9, 2023$10,399$22,600
12-Nights from Athens to Istanbul Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorOct 29, 2023$12,199$22,850
7-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorNov 6, 2023$9,699$22,850
7-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorSep 22, 2023$9,899$12,500
10-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorOct 19, 2023$10,599$22,500
10-Nights from Rome to Istanbul Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerOct 25, 2023$12,299$22,250
14-Nights from Istanbul to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerNov 4, 2023$15,299$22,250
Northern EuropeShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
14-Nights from London to Copenhagen Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerJul 14, 2023$16,899$22,850
15-Nights from Copenhagen to Reykjavik Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerJul 28, 2023$18,199$22,250
16-Nights from London to Reykjavik Cruise Seven Seas SplendorAug 7, 2023$21,299$22,250
20-Nights from Copenhagen to Amsterdam Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorAug 8, 2023$17,799$22,250
14-Nights from Reykjavik to London Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerAug 12, 2023$17,299$22,250
12-Nights from Reykjavik to Copenhagen Cruise Seven Seas SplendorAug 31, 2023$18,249$22,250
14-Nights from London to Monte-Carlo Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerSep 7, 2023$16,649$12,500
12-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise Seven Seas SplendorSep 12, 2023$16,399$22,250
PacificShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
10-Nights Roundtrip from Papeete Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorJan 28, 2024$14,649$22,900
18-Nights from Auckland to Bali Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorMar 4, 2024$20,299$26,198
TropicsShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
14-Nights from Barcelona to New York Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerSep 3, 2023$10,249$22,750
World CruisesShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
18-Nights from San Francisco to Papeete Cruise Seven Seas MarinerJan 24, 2024$20,099$22,250
19-Nights from Papeete to Sydney Cruise Seven Seas MarinerFeb 11, 2024$21,999$22,250
18-Nights from Sydney to Singapore Cruise Seven Seas MarinerMar 1, 2024$23,899$25,848
20-Nights from Singapore to Abu Dhabi Cruise Seven Seas MarinerMar 19, 2024$22,199$25,848
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.