Free or Reduced Business Class Air

Available on Select Voyages

With Business Class Air your vacation begins the moment you step on the plane, with more room to stretch out, a wide selection of video entertainment, upgraded meals and more attentive service. Once you step off the plane, you will feel refreshed and ready to explore your destination's highlights.

2016 Voyages: Upgrade your flights to Business Class from as little as $199 each way on select 2016 voyages. Guests in a Penthouse Suite and higher receive a FREE Business Class Air upgrade.

2017-2018 Voyages: With the launch of Regent's 2017-2018 voyage collection, you will receive FREE Business Class Air in ALL suite categories.

Business Class Air is available on select voyages, applies to intercontinental flights only, and is subject to availability.

Please ontact us for complete details.

Note: Business Class Air applies to intercontinental flights only. Free or reduced cost Business Class Air is available in all suite categories on select 2016 voyages and is subject to availability. Beginning with Seven Seas Explorer 3/26/17, Seven Seas Voyager 4/8/17 (44 nights), Seven Seas Navigator 8/18/17 and Seven Seas Mariner 1/5/18, voyages FREE Business Class Air is available in all suite categories for intercontinental flights. Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Checked baggage fees may apply. Contact us for complete details.

Asia PacificShipDateFare FromSavings
33-Nights from Dubai to Hong Kong Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerNov 14, 2017$22,699$19,996
12-Nights from Singapore to Hong Kong Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerDec 5, 2017$13,199$14,296
12-Nights from Hong Kong to Beijing Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerDec 17, 2017$13,399$14,296
48-Nights from Singapore to Auckland Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerJan 17, 2018$37,299$23,396
19-Nights from Auckland to Perth Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorFeb 6, 2018$24,199$14,396
32-Nights from Sydney to Bali Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerFeb 20, 2018$30,199$18,996
14-Nights from Sydney to Auckland Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerFeb 20, 2018$21,399$10,198
18-Nights from Auckland to Bali Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerMar 6, 2018$18,099$15,896
33-Nights from Auckland to Hong Kong Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerMar 6, 2018$24,999$19,596
29-Nights from Bali to Bangkok Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerMar 24, 2018$22,499$18,596
14-Nights from Hong Kong to Bangkok Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerApr 8, 2018$16,499$13,996
34-Nights from Hong Kong to Dubai Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerApr 8, 2018$25,499$20,596
20-Nights from Bangkok to Dubai Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerApr 22, 2018$17,099$16,796
40-Nights from Bangkok to Rome Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerApr 22, 2018$24,399$21,996
18-Nights from Rome to Dubai Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerOct 27, 2017$20,299$10,998
21-Nights from Dubai to Singapore Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerNov 14, 2017$17,599$16,896
24-Nights from Singapore to Beijing Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerDec 5, 2017$18,899$16,596
19-Nights from Beijing to Singapore Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerDec 29, 2017$17,599$15,896
16-Nights Roundtrip from Singapore Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerJan 17, 2018$15,899$14,396
34-Nights from Singapore to Sydney Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerJan 17, 2018$24,699$19,196
18-Nights from Singapore to Sydney Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerFeb 2, 2018$17,899$15,396
16-Nights from Perth to Singapore Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorFeb 25, 2018$17,899$14,896
15-Nights from Bali to Hong Kong Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerMar 24, 2018$15,399$14,896
20-Nights from Dubai to Rome Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerMay 12, 2018$19,299$10,598
Mediterranean CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
9-Nights from Lisbon to Rome Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerAug 20, 2017$9,899$11,698
10-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerAug 29, 2017$11,599$12,598
10-Nights from Barcelona to Venice Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerOct 4, 2017$9,899$9,698
7-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerOct 8, 2017$16,599$10,398
19-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerOct 8, 2017$17,699$16,798
8-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerNov 4, 2017$8,099$9,098
26-Nights from Rome to Miami Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerNov 12, 2017$14,799$14,498
14-Nights from Lisbon to Miami Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerNov 24, 2017$7,299$11,298
10-Nights from Rome to Venice Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerSep 28, 2017$10,299$12,098
14-Nights from Venice to Monte-Carlo Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerOct 14, 2017$17,899$10,598
21-Nights from Venice to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerOct 14, 2017$19,099$13,198
12-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerOct 15, 2017$10,099$12,198
7-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerOct 21, 2017$7,999$8,198
14-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerOct 21, 2017$12,299$11,198
39-Nights from Rome to Singapore Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerOct 27, 2017$39,699$17,698
7-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerOct 28, 2017$8,099$9,298
12-Nights from Rome to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerNov 12, 2017$10,499$9,198
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
10-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerAug 21, 2017$11,999$10,098
14-Nights from Montreal to Reykjavik Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorAug 18, 2017$16,999$6,598
12-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerAug 31, 2017$16,899$7,998
22-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerAug 31, 2017$43,199$12,998
22-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerSep 12, 2017$36,299$12,998
10-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerSep 12, 2017$21,699$8,598
12-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorSep 14, 2017$12,599$8,598
22-Nights from London to Venice Cruise  Seven Seas ExplorerSep 22, 2017$35,499$12,998
11-Nights from Lisbon to New York Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorOct 6, 2017$7,799$9,198
13-Nights from Reykjavik to Stockholm Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorSep 1, 2017$24,599$6,598
12-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerSep 22, 2017$17,399$7,598
21-Nights from London to New York Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorSep 26, 2017$15,599$12,598
10-Nights from London to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorSep 26, 2017$19,499$8,598
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
39-Nights from Miami to Buenos Aires Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerJan 5, 2018$24,399$24,698
21-Nights from Lima to Buenos Aires Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerJan 23, 2018$16,299$15,398
33-Nights from Lima to Rio de Janeiro Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerJan 23, 2018$22,099$22,198
12-Nights from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerFeb 13, 2018$11,499$13,798
17-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerFeb 25, 2018$8,499$13,448
18-Nights from Miami to Lima Cruise Seven Seas MarinerJan 5, 2018$11,999$15,398
TropicsShipDateFare FromSavings
14-Nights from Miami to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas ExplorerMar 21, 2018$7,599$10,398
World CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
23-Nights from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorApr 7, 2018$15,599$17,296
25-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorApr 30, 2018$12,199$13,298
29-Nights from Los Angeles to Auckland Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorJan 8, 2018$20,199$10,998
25-Nights from Singapore to Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorMar 13, 2018$41,799$14,996
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.