Regent All Inclusive Northern Europe Cruises

Fascinating Culture & Scenic Beauty

Whether you are interested in the dynamic architecture in Russia or the majestic waterfront views of Sweden, taking a Northern European cruise with Regent Cruise Destinations is sure to be an enriching and beautiful experience.

Regal splendor glimmers throughout Northern Europe. Witness the gilded beauty of Catherine's Palace, shimmering outside St. Petersburg, the quiet charms of traditional estates peppering the English countryside. Roam through fairy-tale castles in the Scottish Highlands and sip a frothy Guinness in a dimly lit pub in Dublin.

The golden glow of the midnight sun illuminates the far reaches of Norway, and in the British Isles, the sun rises serenely behind the silhouette of Neolithic standing stones and the sun never sets on an arctic excursion in North Cape, only 1,300 miles from the North Pole.

Discover the fascinating culture and scenic beauty of Northern Europe as you relax and enjoy your time on an intimate all-inclusive luxury cruise with Regent Cruise Destinations.

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CruisesShip Sort by ShipDate Sort by SaildateFare FromSavings
14-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorSep 22, 2021$24,199$800
12-Nights from London to Stockholm Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorJun 2, 2022$23,499$5,150
7-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorJun 14, 2022$9,399$4,750
9-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorJun 21, 2022$12,699$4,750
15-Nights from London to Reykjavik Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerJul 15, 2022$23,999$750
12-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorJul 26, 2022$13,499$5,150
12-Nights from London to Copenhagen Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorAug 7, 2022$19,999$5,150
12-Nights from Copenhagen to London Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerAug 11, 2022$13,699$750
7-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorAug 19, 2022$9,199$4,750
10-Nights from London to Amsterdam Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerAug 23, 2022$11,999$350
10-Nights Roundtrip from Stockholm Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorAug 26, 2022$11,999$4,750
12-Nights from Amsterdam to Lisbon Cruise  Seven Seas VoyagerSep 2, 2022$12,449$750
12-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise  Seven Seas SplendorSep 5, 2022$13,799$4,750
12-Nights from Reykjavik to Copenhagen Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerJul 30, 2022$13,899$350
12-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise Seven Seas SplendorMay 21, 2022$23,299$400
16-Nights from New York to Reykjavik Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorJun 7, 2022$19,499$400
10-Nights from London to Belfast Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerJun 23, 2022$17,499$400
8-Nights from Stockholm to Copenhagen Cruise Seven Seas SplendorJun 30, 2022$10,549$4,400
12-Nights from Belfast to London Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerJul 3, 2022$13,649$400
16-Nights from London to Copenhagen Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorJul 7, 2022$13,299$4,400
18-Nights from Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise Seven Seas SplendorJul 8, 2022$23,699$400
12-Nights from Amsterdam to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorAug 12, 2022$10,449$4,400
24-Nights from Stockholm to London Cruise Seven Seas SplendorSep 5, 2022$24,099$4,400
12-Nights Roundtrip from London Cruise Seven Seas SplendorSep 17, 2022$14,049$4,400
12-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas SplendorSep 29, 2022$12,899
11-Nights Roundtrip from London CruiseSeven Seas SplendorSep 11, 2021$28,499
15-Nights from Monte-Carlo to London CruiseSeven Seas SplendorMay 6, 2022$16,849
27-Nights from Monte-Carlo to London CruiseSeven Seas SplendorMay 6, 2022$26,099
17-Nights from Barcelona to London CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJun 6, 2022$17,499
27-Nights from Barcelona to Belfast CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJun 6, 2022$26,999
30-Nights from New York to London CruiseSeven Seas NavigatorJun 7, 2022$18,999
94-Nights Roundtrip from New York CruiseSeven Seas NavigatorJun 7, 2022$63,999
7-Nights from Bilbao to London CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJun 16, 2022$9,349
17-Nights from Bilbao to Belfast CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJun 16, 2022$18,599
14-Nights from Reykjavik to London CruiseSeven Seas NavigatorJun 23, 2022$11,999
20-Nights from Copenhagen to Amsterdam CruiseSeven Seas NavigatorJul 23, 2022$19,499
24-Nights from Reykjavik to London CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJul 30, 2022$24,199
65-Nights from Stockholm to Rome CruiseSeven Seas SplendorSep 5, 2022$58,049
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.