Regent Seven Seas Voyager

Experience six-star cruising aboard Voyager!

Seven Seas Voyager boasts a refreshed elegant style in her restaurants and lounges, as well as luxurious decor across her 350 suites. And with 447 international crew on board, personal service is exceedingly indulgent throughout. Among her four dining options that allow guests to savor meals whenever and with whomever, Seven Seas Voyager features the modern French restaurant Chartreuse and the largest specialty restaurant at sea, Compass Rose. In addition to the elegant decor, the ship offers five production shows at the Constellation Theater.
Asia PacificShipDateFare FromSavings
22-Nights from Auckland to Bali Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager1/21/2020$32,799$10,298
40-Nights from Auckland to Hong Kong Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/21/2020$31,899$12,998
52-Nights from Auckland to Tokyo Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/21/2020$40,099$15,198
18-Nights from Bali to Hong Kong Cruise Seven Seas Voyager2/12/2020$24,999$8,698
30-Nights from Bali to Tokyo Cruise Seven Seas Voyager2/12/2020$24,999$9,998
12-Nights from Hong Kong to Tokyo Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager3/1/2020$13,999$5,798
26-Nights from Hong Kong to Bangkok Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/1/2020$22,799$8,398
14-Nights from Tokyo to Bangkok Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager3/13/2020$23,999$7,498
34-Nights from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/13/2020$27,699$11,398
20-Nights from Bangkok to Abu Dhabi Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager3/27/2020$19,599$9,198
40-Nights from Bangkok to Rome Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/27/2020$26,299$12,998
Mediterranean CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
20-Nights from Abu Dhabi to Rome Cruise Seven Seas Voyager4/16/2020$23,499$3,500
12-Nights from Venice to Jerusalem Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/11/2020$12,472$2,700
24-Nights from Venice to Athens Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/11/2020$24,399$4,000
12-Nights from Jerusalem to Athens Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager5/23/2020$27,199$1,800
22-Nights from Jerusalem to Venice Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/23/2020$25,299$3,600
10-Nights from Athens to Venice Cruise Seven Seas Voyager6/4/2020$11,349$2,200
10-Nights Roundtrip from Venice Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager6/14/2020$11,699$2,600
12-Nights from Venice to Monte-Carlo Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager6/24/2020$12,699$3,600
10-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager7/6/2020$11,199$3,600
12-Nights from Barcelona to Venice Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager7/16/2020$11,599$5,800
7-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager7/28/2020$8,699$4,400
10-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/4/2020$10,399$5,200
7-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/14/2020$7,699$4,400
12-Nights from Barcelona to Venice Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/21/2020$11,549$5,600
7-Nights from Venice to Rome Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager9/2/2020$8,749$2,600
14-Nights from Venice to Monte-Carlo Cruise Seven Seas Voyager9/2/2020$14,499$2,400
7-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager9/9/2020$8,299$2,600
14-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Istanbul Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager9/16/2020$13,999$4,600
8-Nights from Istanbul to Athens Cruise Seven Seas Voyager9/30/2020$9,549$2,200
12-Nights from Athens to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager10/8/2020$11,799$3,600
13-Nights Roundtrip from Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager10/20/2020$9,849$4,000
12-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager11/2/2020$9,899$3,600
Asia PacificShipDateFare FromSavings
24-Nights from Lisbon to Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas Voyager11/14/2020$19,199$8,198
14-Nights Roundtrip from Cape Town Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager12/8/2020$15,399$7,998
14-Nights Roundtrip from Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas Voyager12/22/2020$15,499$8,598
14-Nights from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager1/5/2021$11,699$8,948
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
26-Nights from Cape Town to Buenos Aires Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/5/2021$19,199$9,798
12-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/19/2021$12,299$7,598
21-Nights from Buenos Aires to Lima Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager1/31/2021$18,199$10,948
21-Nights from Lima to Buenos Aires Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager2/21/2021$18,199$10,948
12-Nights from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/14/2021$12,299$7,598
30-Nights from Buenos Aires to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/14/2021$18,099$10,798
18-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas Voyager3/26/2021$10,799$9,948
Mediterranean CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
9-Nights from Barcelona to Athens Cruise Seven Seas Voyager4/26/2021$9,199$3,000
7-Nights from Athens to Istanbul Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/11/2021$8,249$3,000
10-Nights from Istanbul to Jerusalem Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/18/2021$10,749$4,000
15-Nights from Jerusalem to Rome Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/28/2021$14,349$5,000
23-Nights from Jerusalem to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager5/28/2021$19,799$8,000
8-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager6/12/2021$9,099$3,000
20-Nights from Rome to London Cruise Seven Seas Voyager6/12/2021$18,599$7,000
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
12-Nights from Barcelona to London Cruise Seven Seas Voyager6/20/2021$13,049$4,000
14-Nights from London to Reykjavik Cruise Seven Seas Voyager7/2/2021$14,999$5,000
12-Nights from Reykjavik to Oslo Cruise Seven Seas Voyager7/16/2021$13,449$4,000
12-Nights from Oslo to Amsterdam Cruise Seven Seas Voyager7/28/2021$14,299$4,000
22-Nights from Oslo to London Cruise Seven Seas Voyager7/28/2021$22,199$8,000
10-Nights from Amsterdam to London Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/9/2021$11,599$4,000
20-Nights from Amsterdam to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/9/2021$19,099$8,000
10-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/19/2021$11,099$4,000
Mediterranean CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
15-Nights from Barcelona to Athens Cruise Seven Seas Voyager8/29/2021$14,049$5,000
10-Nights Roundtrip from Athens Cruise Seven Seas Voyager9/13/2021$10,749$4,000
10-Nights from Athens to Rome Cruise Seven Seas Voyager9/23/2021$10,699$4,000
Asia PacificShipDateFare FromSavings
20-Nights from Rome to Abu Dhabi Cruise Seven Seas Voyager10/3/2021$12,899$7,000
22-Nights from Abu Dhabi to Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas Voyager10/30/2021$18,999$11,398
16-Nights Roundtrip from Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas Voyager11/21/2021$16,549$9,398
15-Nights Roundtrip from Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas Voyager12/7/2021$16,349$5,000
Grand CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
14-Nights from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro Cruise Seven Seas Voyager12/22/2021$11,949$9,398
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
10-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/5/2022$11,449$8,398
26-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/5/2022$21,399$13,398
16-Nights from Buenos Aires to Santiago Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/15/2022$15,399$9,398
19-Nights from Santiago to Buenos Aires Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/31/2022$17,299$10,398
29-Nights from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro Cruise Seven Seas Voyager1/31/2022$22,899$14,398
10-Nights from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro Cruise Seven Seas Voyager2/19/2022$11,099$4,000
31-Nights from Buenos Aires to Miami Cruise Seven Seas Voyager2/19/2022$20,499$15,398
21-Nights from Rio de Janeiro to Miami Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/1/2022$14,049$11,398
Caribbean & Mexico CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
10-Nights Roundtrip from Miami Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/22/2022$5,549$4,000
Grand CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
24-Nights from Miami to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas Voyager3/22/2022$11,699$9,000
14-Nights from Miami to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas Voyager4/1/2022$7,599$5,000
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.