Regent All Inclusive Spain Cruises

See the marvelous beauty and cultural of history of Spain while enjoying the comforts of a Regent Seven Seas cruise ship. When you take the time to explore Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, or any other Spanish city, you will experience the rich local history as well as the stunning natural beauty of this beautiful country. With a variety of itineraries that travel the ports of Spain, you can make sure you find the all-inclusive luxury cruise package that will suit your needs. Experience an all-inclusive luxury cruise to Spain with Regent Cruise Destinations.
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79-Nights Roundtrip from Lisbon CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJun 28, 2024$90,849
14-Nights from Lisbon to Antwerp CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJun 28, 2024$20,699
10-Nights from Athens to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas GrandeurAug 14, 2024$13,499$350
17-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise  Seven Seas MarinerSep 5, 2024$19,099$650
7-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise  Seven Seas NavigatorNov 15, 2024$10,149$650
11-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas GrandeurJul 11, 2024$25,399$350
12-Nights from Amsterdam to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas MarinerAug 12, 2024$14,199$350
10-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorSep 18, 2024$10,699$350
10-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas MarinerOct 2, 2024$12,599$350
12-Nights from Athens to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorOct 10, 2024$17,149$350
10-Nights from Rome to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas MarinerOct 17, 2024$11,499$350
10-Nights from Istanbul to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerOct 27, 2024$9,649$350
12-Nights from Athens to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas SplendorOct 31, 2024$19,399$350
7-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorApr 16, 2025$8,249$350
9-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas GrandeurMay 9, 2025$12,199$350
10-Nights from Trieste to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas SplendorJul 12, 2025$13,299$350
10-Nights from Rome to Monte-Carlo Cruise Seven Seas GrandeurJul 1, 2024$13,799
12-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Seven Seas MarinerAug 24, 2024$13,699$300
14-Nights from London to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorSep 4, 2024$12,199$300
10-Nights from Lisbon to Rome Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerSep 15, 2024$11,049$300
10-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas MarinerSep 22, 2024$12,399$300
14-Nights from Barcelona to Istanbul Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorOct 22, 2024$14,249$300
14-Nights from Barcelona to Miami Cruise Seven Seas MarinerNov 3, 2024$10,999$300
25-Nights from Barcelona to Cape Town Cruise Seven Seas VoyagerNov 6, 2024$24,399$15,798
14-Nights from Miami to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas GrandeurMar 19, 2025$9,849$300
10-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas SplendorMar 29, 2025$11,599$300
10-Nights from Barcelona to Athens Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorApr 23, 2025$10,949$300
14-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon Cruise Seven Seas GrandeurMay 18, 2025$15,199$300
15-Nights from Rome to Amsterdam Cruise Seven Seas NavigatorMay 25, 2025$13,749$300
12-Nights from Rome to Barcelona Cruise Seven Seas SplendorMay 31, 2025$9,999$300
10-Nights from Barcelona to Rome Cruise Seven Seas SplendorJul 22, 2025$12,349$300
15-Nights from Belfast to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerJul 21, 2024$17,799
9-Nights from Barcelona to Rome CruiseSeven Seas GrandeurJul 22, 2024$12,599
10-Nights from Barcelona to Athens CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerAug 5, 2024$12,899
16-Nights from Barcelona to New York CruiseSeven Seas GrandeurAug 24, 2024$13,399
15-Nights from Trieste to Lisbon CruiseSeven Seas VoyagerAug 31, 2024$18,499
8-Nights from Valletta to Monte-Carlo CruiseSeven Seas MarinerSep 14, 2024$10,999
15-Nights from London to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas SplendorOct 4, 2024$19,549
17-Nights from Rome to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas MarinerOct 17, 2024$21,499
7-Nights from Lisbon to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas MarinerOct 27, 2024$15,399
14-Nights from Barcelona to Miami CruiseSeven Seas NavigatorNov 22, 2024$9,449
14-Nights from Barcelona to Istanbul CruiseSeven Seas GrandeurApr 2, 2025$14,499
20-Nights from Venice to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas GrandeurApr 28, 2025$19,399
14-Nights from Rome to Lisbon CruiseSeven Seas SplendorMay 31, 2025$15,299
7-Nights from Barcelona to Lisbon CruiseSeven Seas SplendorJun 7, 2025$9,999
11-Nights from Monte-Carlo to Rome CruiseSeven Seas SplendorJun 21, 2025$13,499
83-Nights from New York to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas MarinerJul 10, 2025$67,599
116-Nights from New York to Barcelona CruiseSeven Seas MarinerJul 10, 2025$96,849
Fares are per person in US dollars, based on double occupancy. Savings, Onboard Credits and other amenity values are quoted per stateroom/suite. All prices, discounts and special offers are capacity controlled and subject to change without notice. Not all special offers available in all categories and sailings. Availability and pricing is not guaranteed until booking and deposit received.